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EN - Interview with Pain Is from Austria
30.8.2016 | autor: Arnes Mašić


Hello „Pain Is“, can you introduce yourself to our czech readers?

We are PAIN IS, an Austrian Metal band and we do our own style of music called „Pain Core“. We combine musical influences from bands like Disturbed, Kill II this and Papa Roach.


What is your position in Austrian musical scene?

Our target is to spread our music in Europe and if possible all over the world. Therefor we do everything to make this dream come true. That means 50 to 60 gigs per year, Festival appereances, recording music and videos, practicing and so on and so on.

How hard is to be metal band in Austria?

To be honest it's always very hard to be a Metal Band, it doesnt really matter which country you‘re from. But as I said before, when you do everything to make it happen it's possible. Train hard, work hard and really try to do everything!

Congratulation to your big success on Wacken Open Air 2016, Our fans dont know but can you tell us more about 5th place you won in Metal Battle, feelings before and after show and how did you enjoy the biggest metal festival in the world?

Thank you so much. We were overwhelmed about this nomination in this global contest. First when we were nominated to play in the Austrian finals, we were thinking: wow, they choose us from over 300 bands in Austria. Then when we played the finals and won the Austrian Metal Battle, we were so flashed that we can play in Wacken. During the Road Trip to Wacken you start to recognized that you're coming nearer to the Holy Land of Wacken. 



Hitting the holy fields of Wacken makes us really speechless. Next day when the bus brought us to the stage and they started to build up our set backstage, you start to realize that this is really happening right now – you're only moments away from playing on a stage in Wacken – in front of thousands of people. I went on stage for soundcheck when somebody tipped me from behind. I turned around. „Hy im Jeff, I will announce you today, can you tell me what your band is all about?“ It was Jeff Waters from Annihilator.



I was so stunned at this moment. The first thing I said was „you're Jeff Waters omg“. He laughed and said yeah man but that was not the question – he was so friendly and so easy to speak with, very cool. Then the time has come – our intro was running. The curtain lifted up, we stood there the back to the people during the intro. And when the first scream hit the floor we turned around and then you stand at the front of this amazing crowd in Wacken ... boooom only amazing, it was breathtaking. After the show we started to realize that we had done it and the reactions of the crowd told us that we had done it pretty much good. Thanks so far to the amazing crowd of Wacken. 



After the show we met so many of the big rockstars backstage, it was unreal but great to meet all those people you only knew from magazines or DVD’s and they where all friendly and amazing persons. We had the chance to talk to Michael Monroe and his band, Therapy, Ektomorf with my good old friend Zoli, The Dead Daisies, The Black Dahlia Murder, Phil Campell from Motörhead, Hämatom, Tarja, Thomas Jensen, Arch Enemy, Henry Rollins etc.


After show...


 We where playing at Wacken but in the other way we could meet those guys we loved to hear as a fan – it was pretty awesome. Next day there was the official Wacken Metal Battle Press conference where they presented the five winners global. We never expected what was happening next.



When they announced „ And the fifth place of this year Wacken Metal Battle goes to ..... A country near to Germany. This country has many mountains, ok could be us – no. Its in the south of Germany, maybe... no not us. You should pronounce the Bandname very clear and in two phrases, omg this means us. Here is the fith place from Austria .... „PAIN IS“, we looked at each other and we couldnt believe that this was real. We went to the stage and the whole audience was applausing and shouting, they where all so friendly.


We did it...

It was the first time I was in tears, finally the hard working all over the years was honoured, it was really the best thing that ever happend to us. Thank you so much Wacken for giving us this oppurtunity and for let us being part of this lovely Wacken Family and special thanks to our Man who supported us the whole Way from Austria to Wacken – Oliver Sütori. And last but not least thank you to Thomas Jensen.


Thomas Jensen and Jerome 

What do you plan now after succesfull stay on Wacken? Tour?

We will be on tour for round about 20 gigs till the end of the year including some really big festivals like the HOLE OF METAL FESTIVAL in Slovenia and we are already good booked for 2017. But we will definitely dont stand still and will perform as often as we can.



Who is responsible for your album?

In case of the new Single „Dont let us down“ that is coming up November 2016 nobody else then one of  austrian upcoming producers in Metal is responsible ... Mister Mike Wolf. He is an awesome Producer and during the production we became friends also. He is really a guy that not only pushes the record button, no he is really producing you to the highest level that is possible. He is feeling the music he makes even everything that you do better without changing the music of the band by itselves. So thanks one more time to Mike for bringing us to a new level.


Have you ever played in Czech republic?

It is really sad that we haven't played so far in Czech Republic, but if we get an offer we definitely want to come to this lovely country and the, as we heard, amazing metal scene there.

Earlier bands could earn by selling music CDs ? What is today the main source of income for you / the band?

The main source of income is selling merchandise like shirts etc and playing gigs I think. With selling music CD’s you cant earn as much as in the past. Most of the new albums are already selled digital per donwload I think.


It is generally said that the metal is connected with the devil , the lyrics are directly " from hell." What is your opinion?

Personally I dont care about those people who say this because I think most of them havent understand everything about Metal. Metal means the freedom to do whatever you want in a musical way. Metal has no borders – Metal needs no borders. And that is what its all about. The people often forget that we are artists and we create music, not more not less. Talking about the devil we can see what people had done to other people in the name of god and i dont think that it was good. Killing in the name of god is only another way of proclaming the thinking of some stupid idiots. I think every person has the right and the free decision to believe in whatever he may want to believe, but everyone has also to respect the thinking and of each other.


Where we can find Pain is do you have fb for example?


We have Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.

What do you want to say to our fans?

To all our fans Thank you so much for supporting us and be prepared for our upcoming shows and the new Single „Dont Let Us Down“.