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EN - Interview with Methedras from Italy
8.9.2016 | autor: Arnes Mašić


1) First time I met you guys you had less then 35 000 thousand followers on fb page in begining of this year now more than 50 000 what happened?

Well, we constantly spread our news, photos, videos and music on socials, and especially on FB, the number of our fans grows continuously, this means that always new people consider our music interesting, and this could only makes us happy ‘cause we’re working hard on it!!


Daniele and Andrea...

2) Can you tell us your feelings after supporting Testament in Milano?

It was definitely a blast! We enjoyed a lot that evening, we had the right attitude on stage, and personally i’ve felt it so clearly, that we were angry enough to be a steamroller! And also the crowd was so good and so full of participation! It was a pleasure to meet again the guys of Testament, especially Gene and Steve that we already met in the past during the Overkill tour (they were playing in Death DTA)!


3) Everybody know that you changed your old singer for Tito, how satisfied you are with him? Can we expect any new changes in band or now is all done?

Tito is an incredible singer, a good friend of us, and we are very happy and proud to have him in the band. Since the first show with us (and it was not so simple because it was the first of our tour with Overkill!!) he has demonstrated a huge personality on stage, exactly what we were searching for. Honestly i think that this lineup is the best one that the band have ever had, so i’m pretty sure that nothing will change for so long time!!

4) I heard new song on your last gig I think you are "cooking" new staff I am right? Can you tell us more about it?

You’re right, we’re working hard on the new album, and actually we’re so satisfied about how the process is going on. There are some new components in those new songs that i think that will be something different from the past, but always with “Methedras style” in them. We’re closer to finish all the songs that will be part of the album, and this fact excites us so much!!!

5) Have you prepared your livers before your show in Russia this year?

Ahahah our livers are in constant training, but Russia will be definitely a hard experience for them!! We’ll try to do our best to survive once again to the russian’s Vodka!


Daniele on his throne...


6) Russia is not only tour of this year can you tell us more about your next plans?

We have something really "big" that is actually becoming a concrete possibility, but i prefer to be superstitious about it and keep my mouth strictly closed!! For sure we can say that we’re gonna celebrate our 20th anniversary in Bergamo, during the “Molto Male Festival”, we’re so happy to do it and we wanna thank the promoters of the festival to let us be part of it and celebrate during this great occasion our birthday with a huge party for everyone!!

7) You had two concerts in Czech republic this year, one in Liberec and second was in Ostrava with 4 other bands do you plan to visit us again?

For sure we want to play again as soon as possible in Czech Republic, we have good friends here and people are always so hot and cool with us, so we definitely cannot wait to be there again!!


Tito in Liberec this year...

8) Do you have any funny story from Czech gigs?

I can tell you two funny episodes from our gigs: the first one was the attempt to teach a fan how to say an incredibly difficult and long italian word and oh gosh, how funny it's been listening to her during all her attempts!! The second one is more related to the band, i remember Bubu (the drummer) incredibly drunk in Ostrava, so full of alcohol that he went away from the venue and puked a lot directly in the river that was in front of the building!!! Definitely an awesome episode to remember!