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Pocta pro Janis Joplin
29.11.2015 | autor: Arnes Mašić


Few day ago it was 45 years since insurmountable Janis Joplin died. Everybody knows that Janis is a member of famous and unfortunate „Club 27“ which is full of big names, famous people who died at the age of 27. Janis overdosed with heroin in Landmark hotel in Hollywood. Within this sad anniversary on November 27th, there was a premiere of documentary film about this American legend called: „Janis: Little Girl Blue“. Director is Amy Berg who became famous by the „Deliver Us From Evil” and „West of Memphis“. Amy started to work on this film in 2007, when she met the family of Janis for the first time and she received blessing to do this project. After eight years and 1,5 milion of dollars she finished her work. Film shows her short life, lot of interviews with Janis, her family, friends, people from branch and also with ex-boyfriends, who she had quite enough with. Clearly, we have to look forward to it because there were just two films made about this iconic person of blues and rock.(first film was filmed in 1974)